SOR EBUS information system

SOR EBUS information system

Who is the application for?

Producer of the electric buses

  • in the case of a short life claim, vehicle history data is important for the vehicle manufacturer to determine whether the operator complied with the warranty conditions
  • to have a long-term records with the values of most quantities sampled after 1s is important for Vehicle Construction as well as Electric Drive Design 

Vehicle operator - Economic data

  • For tracking the operating costs of electric buses >> above all information on electricity consumption
  • Consumption: "Driving", "Heating / Cooling", "Vehicle Management"
  • Considering to driving performance: mileage, number of passengers, ...
  • Information about conditions: temperature, routes, speed limits
  • for individual electric buses and drivers
  • "Add" specified variables by the operator , at intervals designated by the operator,  to the operator's information system

Vehicle Operator - Dispatcher data

  • Receiving information about the charging process and clear 'alarm' indication in case of failure or charging error
  • Opportunity to change charging plans: location, time, resulting capacity

What does the SOR EBUS information system provide?

  • Data collection from the vehicle
  • secure data transfer ... even in the case of a "transmission route" outage
  • durable and long-term reliable central processing of received data from all vehicles included in the system
  • secured message and backup of database and source data
  • access only to information by authorized users and only to the data for which they are authorized
  • sw for end-users with different requirements, expandable in the future



How does it work ?

Vehicles equipped with Waylogger III can-bus recorder, with GPRS modem and GPS antenna continuously send the selected data to the web server, where they are further processed and evaluated.

The application for data evaluation itself is accessible to users from any device using a web browser.

Appearance of the application

appearance of the application SOR EBUS

Features overview

  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Reports

  • Clear status display including alerts for dispatchers

  • Current vehicle position

  • Information from charging stations

  • Display data in clear statements and graphs and histograms

  • User administration

Download technical sheets

  • SOR EBUS application information in PDF format
  • Waylogger III. can-bus recorder


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