KIBES for mobile machinery and special bodies

Compared with trucks and buses, mobile machinery and special bodies have fewer inputs and outputs, but the control algorithm is more complex.

In many cases the control system consists only of the CBCU main control unit, possibly accompanied by a smaller display by ELBAS.

  • Main vehicle control unit CBCU3
    It is located in a protected space (in the switch-board or in the cabin).
    Operator panel buttons and switches and machine sensors are connected to inputs (58).
    The outputs (34) have a current capacity graduated in a wide range and are adapted to different types of loads.  
    If the number of the inputs/outputs is not enough or if the length of a thick wire bundle is too long(e.g. to control lights or devices at the rear of the vehicle) , an input/output unit can be added.If it can be located in a protected environment, the cheaper unit MUX2-B can be used. The MUX3-P is intended to be mounted on the chassis, as this unit has good protection against environmental effects (IP67).
    The CBCU is user-programmable in the KIBES-32development environment.

The program provides:

  • controlling integrated inputs and outputs
  • processing signals from the MCU control menu
  • communicating with other vehicle units connected to the „power-train CAN“ (PCAN);
  • forwarding messages for devices on different CAN-buses – the „gateway“ function


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