• Design and development of the electrics from prototype to serial production (including the complete documentation for harness production)
  • Design of wire harnesses according to the customer schematic diagrams
  • Documentation of the electrics on already existing vehicle or machinery

Designed types of electrics


  • 'traditional' electrics where the inputs/outputs are connected via
  • standard wires and the relays or standalone electronic units are used
  • for control


  • digital network of electronic modules communicating through CAN-bus protocol (standardized in ISO 11898)
  • the network default contains the central control unit (programmable in user-friendly development environment according to IEC 1131), necessary count of the input/output modules and display module with gauges and lights
  • he central module serves as controller of single branches and also as the gate/bridge for the cross exchange of messages; one branch usually runs under SAE J1939 protocol
  • ELBAS uses and delivers Kibes platform modules produced by Siemens VDO Automotive and PLUS 1 platform modules produced by Sauer-Danfoss.

Complete documentation includes

Circuit-, block- and logic-diagrams including:

  • list of inputs/outputs
  • list of possible error states, their indication and steps for reparation

Cable harness drawings including:

  • material list
  • cutting tables
  • technical steps of production

Mechanical plans of the switch-/dash-boards and operator panels including:

  • connection box drawings
  • material list
  • technical steps of production

All documentation is created and kept up to date in electronic form
(formats used: dwg - Autodesk AutoCAD, xls - MS Excel, doc - MS Word).

The circuit diagrams and cable harnesses are optimised regarding:

  • electric and mechanical parameters of individual components
  • their physical layout in the vehicle or machine
  • optimum assembly during production

Strict internal norms (defining the schematic symbols and conventions used in the drawings) ensure that the created documentation contains all information needed for production:

  • length, diameters, colours, material and labelling of the wires, assembly point position, terminal board connections, shroud and covering technology

All customer’s requirements are respected in production acording to his documentation, eventually tipes for effectiveness are proposed.



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