CAN–bus modules

CAN GATEWAY / Forwarding messages between two CAN buses             [ CAN_GW ]

The CAN-GW functions as a “gateway”, resending messages between two CAN buses. An extended version, the CAN-GW LOG, also saves in its internal memory  records on basic operating event and dignostic error messages DM1 and EDM in its memory.


  • Gatewaying (CAN-GW)
    Information on CAN transfer speed and message table are saved in internal memory. These messages are immediately resent to the second CAN-bus after being read by the first CAN-bus. CAN-buses can have a different transfer speed.
    Resending can be set for multi-packet messages (acording to SAE J1939/21).
    The CAN-GW can analogically change a message idetifier, or modify the data field based on specific requirements.
  • Logging (CAN GW LOG)
    These records are saved on an internal 4 MB memory:

    Key on/Key off
    Start/End of travel
    Start/End of DM1 and EDM diagnostic code error messages

    All records can be supplemented with information on time and position, obtained from a GPS signal.
    Records on travel and diagnostic errors also contain data from the odometer.
    Records from the CAN-GW memory can be read and managed through the CAN.


datasheet HERE

CAN-FIRE converter / Fire vehicle system                                          [ 36-CAN_FIRE ]

This convertor is used in commercial vehicles and mobile machinery:

  • Vehicle fire system control unit
  • Used to indicate an increase in temperature (up to 6 heat sensors) in random parts of the vehicle and the resulting extinguishing
  • Includes software for configuring the module

datasheet HERE

CAN TPL4 / Temperature + DM1 Converter                                         [ 36-CAN_TPL4 ]

This convertor is used in commercial vehicles and mobile machinery:

  • To obtain information on air temperature around the vehicle (up to 4 heat sensors)
  • To facilitate implementation of the on-board DM1 diagnostics based on SAE J1939

An advantage is the user-friendly module setup using a sw application

The temperature is measured once per second.

DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) error codes from all DM1 diagnostic messages are stored in the convertor’s memory (i.e., “single” and multi-packet messages). The periodic “single” message includes information on the status of the diagnostic warning lights from the most important units and one selected DTC error code. The user message can be used to switch the transmission of other current error codes.

datasheet HERE

Converter CAN-bus / Inputs (6x voltage, 1x resistance, DM1)          [ 36-CANI_V6R1 ] 

The converter is used in commercial vehicles and mobile machinery:

  • to transfer signals from analog sensors (pressures, temperatures, fuel supply…) and state switches to CAN-bus messages

  • to simplify the implementation of an on-board diagnostics DM1 according to SAE J1939

The converter measures current values of 6 voltage inputs and 1 resistance input. It transmitts detected values in two CAN-bus messages periodically. In one message also the current value of supply voltage is transmitted. One version of a standard firmware interprets one of voltage inputs as an “address” – it enables to connect 4 converters on one CAN-bus (customization of the firmware is needless).

DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) from all diagnostic messages DM1 (it means “single” and also multi-packet messages) are saved in a memory of the converter. The information about a state of diagnostic lamps the most important aggregates and one selected DTC are transmitted in a periodical “single” message. Transmitting other DTCs can be switched by a user’s message.

 datasheet HERE     

Converter CAN-bus / Outputs (7x digital)                                            [ 36-CANO_D7 ] 

The converter is used in commercial vehicles and mobile machinery to control up to 7 state outputs by a CAN-bus message.
One of firmware versions is extended by transmitting request for information about total fuel consumption to the engine. The request is formed for two fuel options:

  • Diesel - engine responds by Fuel Consumption – Liquid message (FC_L, 18 FE E9 00)

  • CNG - engine responds by Fuel Consumption – Gas message (FC_G, 18 FE AF 00) 


CAN-AKCEL Converter / Accelerator pedal convertor                     [ 36-CAN_AKCEL ] 

This convertor is used in commercial vehicles and mobile machinery:

The CAN_AKCEL module processes analogue signals transferred from the accelerator; i.e., converting them into a value to be sent with the message, checking whether they exceed the limit values and logically checking their relations. Any errors are processed for values for transmitted error message.



CAN-HORT Converter / HORTON Fan Speed Control                [ 36-CAN_HORTON ]

This convertor is used in commercial vehicles:

The CAN-HORT module is used to control the HORTON fan connection (engine cooling); the fan is driven from the engine crankshaft.

The PWM power output is controlled based on:

  • Engine coolant temperature
  • Intake air temperature
  • Current fan speed is determined by the module from impulses read from the connector bus
  • All settings are made via user-friendly software application


Temperature Sensor TO40

The sensor is used in commercial vehicles and mobile machinery to obtain information on the temperature of the air around the vehicle (usually in conjunction with a CAN-bus converter / Inputs).

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