CAN Suite 6 - CAN-bus monitoring and analysis

CAN Suite 6 is a set of applications for monitoring and analyzing data transferred via CAN-bus.
CAN Suite is successor to widely used UCINT Suite 3 software; all of its proven features were kept and many new ones were added.

CAN Control CenterModernized existing features:

  • Processing of data ‘online’ from connected CAN-bus or ‘offline’ from previously recorded files.
  • Functionally specialized software applications.

NEW features of CAN Suite:

Data processing was completely redesigned:

New basic CAN Control Center (CCC) application acts as a data source (server), that relays received CAN messages to specialized (client) applications.

Two or more clients may be running simultaneously, and so user can observe the received data from various perspectives, e.g. CANTrees can display charts of quantity value changes over time, while Diag1939 can list active Diagnostic Trouble Codes.

In online mode, client programs can relay their data to the CCC server, which then sends it to CAN-bus.

Key application SetEditor was significantly reworked: users can now use it to define not only their own simple CAN messages, but also the multiplexed ones. Text set, used to interpret status quantities, is now integrated into the message set; individual text items can be multilingual, just like the names of messages and quantities.  

CAN Suite 6 installation contains significantly extended set of predefined messages that includes e.g. messages transmitted by EURO 6 engines and messages related to adaptive EBS and adaptive cruise-control functionalities.

The time-proven applications were expanded to include new features:

  • CANTrees and QMonitor now allow defining templates of monitored quantities.
  • FMSplus newly contains charts of retarder characteristics and indication of detected messages.
  • ConvertCAN supports converting data from/to several new file formats (*.can2, *.can, *.wl3, *.asc, *.csv, *.txt)
  • Diag1939 is now able to indicate requests for flashing of warning lights.
  • ReplayCAN can now display both timestamp as well as the real time of replayed messages.
  • SendCAN can transmit user-controlled values to CAN-bus.
  • MsgRequester can obtain values transmitted in on-request messages (for now, only SAE J1939 based mechanism is implemented).

Newly added application:

  • QExporter converts raw data from record files (.can2, .asc, …) to specific values and waveforms. The result is saved in a standard *.xlsx table file.

In offline mode it is possible to replay files not only in native *.can2 format and in older *.can format, but also in *.wl3, *.csv, *.txt and *.asc formats.

For connecting computer to CAN-bus, it is now possible to use two other CAN interfaces besides the UCINT interface:

... CAN Suite is no longer dependent on one type of hardware, which is the reason why we changed the name of this application set.
Remarks: ELBAS offers the possibility of adapting CAN Suite also for other hardware.


Users can develop their own client programs and harness the power of CAN Control Center basic application; with run-time licenses, they can sell these programs to other users. (more information via e-mail)


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