Cable Harnesses production

Cable Harnesses production

Machine equipment

Machine equipment is used extensively for production:

  • computer controlled labelling, cutting/striping machines and wire winders (IMAJE, KOMAX KAPPA, KOMAX KRI)
  • AMP automatic and manual crimping machines with adaptors for many types of connectors
  • ONDAL VarioMaster taping machine
  • Schleuniger stripping machines
  • Schleuniger PullTester

Spacious workshops with long work-tables allow quality production of very complicated and long harnesses. Of course, production is made exactly according to the technical documentation. Testers (IVIS, MEMUX) are used for checking of correct connections.


The materials and parts

The materials and parts used in production are specified by the client. Usually are used:

  • wires and cables by nkt cables (Kablo), Lapp Kabel, Belden, Wabco, Lamela...
  • corrugated hose by Schlemmer, Adaptaflex...
  • connecting materials by Tyco Electronic (AMP), Lear, Deutsch, Molex, Bosch, Iveco...
  • other products: Hella, Continental AG (Siemens VDO), Osram, Weidmüller...

The wires can be marked along their whole length (different labels and their orientation on both ends and in the middle of wire). Carefully adjusted crimping machines with corresponding adaptors allow the quality crimping of connectors; the quality of crimps is periodically checked on the PullTester. Binding templates allow the fast and perfect forming of the individual harness branches. Harnesses are protected against physical damage by corrugated hose, PE hose, PVC-spagetti cover or shrink-wrap tubing. Also, joints and terminations of harnesses can be made by using different methods.
The validity of the connector wirings is tested on the PC controlled testers.


For 25 years, we strive to be a good partner in the field of manufacture of wiring harnesses for vehicles and machines.

Examples of production:

many types of ends



cable harnesses

cable harness



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