Our services:

Production of the cable harnesses using machine technology

  • production of wide spectrum of cable harnesses

  • cutting/stripping, crimping, soldering, bandaging, assembly ..

  • keep the hight quality of crimping by using tools and machines
cable harness

Design of vehicle and mobile machinery electrics

design of vehicle and machinery electrics

Dash- and switch-board assembly

Dash-boards and switch-boards assembly
  • CAN-bus hardware and software 

  • USB/CAN interface and CAN Suite applications for CAN-bus analysis 

  • WayLogger CAN-bus communication recorder for commercial vehicles 

  • I/O CAN-bus modules

  • KIBES system for inteligence vehicle electrics
CAN-bus HW and SW

ELBAS is the one of the leading producers of cable harnesses for vehicles and mobile machinery in the Czech Republic. We where be glad to work out a price quotation for your cable harness, CAN-bus converter, touch screen operator panel, complete vehicle wiring or complete elecrtonic control system via CAN-bus.

For any questions or comments,please use the contact form or call +420 465 471 380.



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